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Clean energy production

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Installation of photovoltaic solar parks.

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Solar energy system design


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Photovoltaic modules


Batteries up to 5 Mega Watt

Our mission is to promote and raise awareness about the environmental benefits of clean energy production.

About us

The future of clean energy is today

We are a company dedicated to the development of renewable energy, we currently offer accessory services in energy efficiency, energy savings, production of our own and lasting clean energy.

Operation, maintenance and tracing of Iv curves for photovoltaic modules.

Clean energy
Residential Solutions
We protect the environment
Recent projects

Solutions throughout the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Solar Plant

10 Kilowatts

Punta Cana, Resindential

Cana Rock

Photovoltaic Solar Plant, San Pedro de Mascoris

 40 Kilowatts Híbrida. Industrial

Photovoltaic Solar Plant, San Pedro de Mascoris

 30 Kilowatts

Construction of Solar Parks

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Corporative address:
Calle Rafael Augusto Sánchez #86, Torre Roble, Piso 7. Santo Domingo, Piantini.

PTO offices:
Avenida Bulevar Estados Unidos, al lado de El Atlético, Bávaro Punta Cana

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Marleni Batista

I have been working with them for around 10 years, and their service is very good, 💯% recommended. The people I recommend are very satisfied, they tell me they are very good professionals.

Jen Daily

Excellent service and responsibility!! I always buy their products because they are top quality...I recommend it!!!!

Sahira Martinez

My favorite company recommended 100% renewable energy

Raul Morel

Excellent, very good attention and good prices

Francisco Reyes

Serious and responsible company! In short, you can do business with that company!